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Few of our Fertilizer & Pesiticides Products

Company overview


MANISHA AGRO SCIENCES is a pioneer in India in the development and production of unique biological inputs for enhancing sustainable productivity of agricultural, plantation, horticultural crops, and for human welfare.

MANISHA therefore is a leader in India for the utilization of natural resources in the development of biological inputs for agriculture, and for developments of products for human consumption. The company's core principle is optimal utilization of natural resources in the production of eco-friendly products that would help in improving plant and human health. This environment consciousness is the key to the success of the MANISHA Group backed by its strong Research and Development Unit.

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Special PGP (Plant Growth Promoter) is the one of the exceptional quality product manufactured by us, the substances also helps to Increase crop and vegetable tillering, it is also capable to Increase grains.

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Plant Growth Promoters are substances which develop the overall health growth and development of plants. Such substances are produced or get from biological derivatives.

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