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Human health is important just like that Soil and crop health is also very important and precious. Now a day’s farmers neglect these parameters.

But all such types of parameters observed and understood carefully by Mr. Umesh Patil and he established the Agro base Industry i.e. Manisha Agro sciences in the year 2006 at chapalgaon, Tal-Akkaklkot, Dist - Solapur & also we started unit no.2 with full of advanced technology features in M.I.D.C., Chincholi, Solapur recently. We produce agri inputs like secondary Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Water Soluble Fertilisers, Plant Growth Promoters and Bio Pesticides. Our Sale not restrict up to Solapur District but also cover the area through strong Dealer Network in Kokan, Western Maharashtra, Khandesh, Vidarbha, Marathwada of Maharashtra.

We produce different quality base product by the senior Agriculture Technical Officers. All the batches of the products are tested first in our own well equipped Laboratory which is situated in our factory campus and then these batch are available to markets. The product demonstration are also give to the farmers in their farm by experienced field officers.

now a days imbalanced consumption of chemical fertilizers, short use of micronutrients and number of other agriculture products are excessly used in the agriculture causes a bad result seen on the Crop's growth and Crop's yield due to these problems Manisha Agro Sciences produces Beneficial and Quality Product range for Agriculture.


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To be present in all countries, providing quality agri-solutions to farming community, as a renowned company with size and profitability, while not only preserving but enhancing the environment. By 2020 Manisha Agro Sciences will be known as a leader in the agro chemicals industry and as a company that has played a large role in revolutionizing the industry, by promoting and providing best solutions to all the farming needs, developing new science and innovations. Manisha Agro Sciences will be viewed as an employer of choice and recognized as a company that provides exceptional service.


Core Values That Incline Us Towards Our Mission